Alternate Route partners with FastPay and Expand

This partnership leverages our combined wealth of experience to help clients avoid common pitfalls that companies face when it's time to take their business abroad.

Serving the digital advertising, marketing, and technology sectors; we de-risk market expansion by addressing these three main challenges:

  • GO TO MARKET: Conduct pre-launch due diligence, go-to-market strategy and implementation
  • WORKING CAPITAL: Maximize working capital finance to manage costs as you scale
  • TALENT: Hire a team of experts to maximize your success


Why this works

Challenge: Going to Market

In today’s tech world, businesses need to establish global market presence in order to compete and achieve success beyond their competitors.

Upon raising investment, expansion is typically a top priority for new companies. However, moving into new markets can be costly, risky, time intensive and requires the executive team to shift their efforts onto this new task.

More often than not, CEO's and CTO's continue to focus their attention on their strengths; building out new products, technologies, and services rather than focussing their efforts on developing pre-launch due-diligence, go-to-market strategies and implementation in international markets.

In most outcomes, this new venture doesn’t get the attention it needs to be executed properly thus resulting in failed expansion. 

Solution: Alternate Route

Alternate Route is a Growth Consultancy focused on helping emerging tech businesses achieve short and long term expansion goals.

Our services relate to all commercial aspects, from creating a new or existing revenue stream, expanding into new markets, profit and loss management, leadership, strategy, etc. 

We work as an extension of your team to help you overcome obstacles you may be facing and see beyond the curve to anticipate challenges that may prevent growth. 

Challenge: Working Capital

As companies scale and expand into new markets, one of the fundamental challenges is the increasing requirement for working capital.   Long payment terms with agencies, brands and other media buyers means businesses experience negative working capital as they grow, especially where they need to pay suppliers quickly. For every increase in revenue, there is a larger increase in this working capital need.   Using an equity fundraise to manage working capital will lower the return on investment and significantly reduce the cash runway of a business.

Solution: FastPay

FastPay provides working capital solutions exclusively to the digital media and technology industries, leveraging 10 years of experience and $3B of deployed capital.

Easy to setup lines of credit enable FastPay clients to unlock cashflow tied up in long payments terms with agencies, brands or programmatic partners, allowing them to scale faster by turning their negative working capital into a cash generative business model.

By using a line of credit instead of equity, no unnecessary share dilution occurs, and because FastPay isn't a bank, but a specialist lender in digital media, there are flexible terms that help companies focus on growth instead.

Challenge: Talent Acquisition

The adtech and digital media markets continue to grow at rates far beyond most other industries. It is more important than ever to have a trusted partner to help navigate the senior to executive ecosystem of talent.  Most businesses are competing for a finite amount of talent across international markets and often investors, founders and CEO's do not have the time or resources to put in place and keep to a strict recruitment process. expands digital division make landing and expanding into new territories easier then they ever thought it could be. Our services ensure: speed to market, reduced cost/time to hire, a clearly defined launch strategy and a long term partner to build your business from the top down.

Solution: Expand Executive Search

Expand is a boutique headhunting organization with an international presence. Our team focuses on the key growth verticals within digital media including programmatic advertising, content creation/distribution, influencer marketing, publisher platforms and data intelligence.

We work in partnership with our clients to help with the domestic and international expansion. Our services include salary benchmarking, legal contracts, entity set up, PR, office location/opening and sourcing executive-level talent.